Sunday, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Instructor: Linda Voss Plummer

Skill Level: Beginner

Cost: $45

Class Description: Lots of ideas, but need  help pulling them together? If you’ve accumulated yarn and locks, but can’t seem to center on a cohesive plan, we’ll work it out. (We do not pass judgement or talk out of class about just how much you have!).

Unique yarns available straight from the shepherd don’t always come with a ball band and instructions. Confused about compatibility? Bring any materials and/or ideas to class and we’ll work out a plan – attributes associated with various types of  fiber, gauge in knitting or sett in weaving, which ones are compatible, are they stretchy, inelastic, best for outerwear or next to the skin? We’ll discuss the characteristics of various protein fibers:  e.g. different types of sheep, alpacas, mohair, angora etc..

We’ll check out your selections, can talk about their qualities and best uses, and plan some possibilities. Spinners, crocheters, weavers, and wannabees welcome!

Supplies to Bring

No supplies needed, but if you have a variety of yarns (homespun, indie dyed, commercial), locks, etc. and are searching for a plan, do bring them. This is an interactive class where we learn and are enticed by one another.

Class Size

Minimum: 1, Maximum: 15

About the Instructor: Linda Voss Plummer

Linda Voss Plummer can’t remember when she didn’t knit and has taught locally and regionally and has been fortunate to study with nationally and internationally recognized knitters, spinner and weavers. She loves to lead students to the joy of knitting and then watch them become independent, free-thinking knitters, helping them create their own designs and make decisions about how they want to adapt patterns. Her special passions are cables, lace, domino and two color knitting such as Fair Isle and Scandinavian patterns. She feels privileged to design for several yarn companies and is published among others, Interweave Knits, Vogue Knitting, Knit Simple, as well as Cascade, Zealana and Noro books. She also spins, weaves and quilts but if, perish the thought, she had to decide on one activity, it would be knitting.

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