Sunday, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Instructor: Marcia Weinert

Skill Level: Basic spinning skills required: must be able to spin a continuous yarn.

Cost: $55, $10 for materials

Your yarn is all spun—but what happens next at your wheel can make your finished item sparkle or sag. Let’s explore all the ways that plying can affect color, durability, texture, and ease of completion—whether you’re spinning to knit, crochet or weave! We’ll conquer Andean plying, chain- or Navajo-plying, and learn how and why to make and use a tensioned Lazy Kate for 3- and 4-ply yarns and MORE

Materials Supplied

$10 - which includes the use of the instructors fibers

Supplies to Bring

Spinning wheel in good working order; selection of small amounts (8-20 yards or more) of singles (UNPLIED) yarns in matching and contrasting colors; 2-4 bobbins, Lazy Kate (if available).

Class Size

Minimum: 1, Maximum: 6

About the Instructor: Marcia Weinert

Marcia Weinert’s handspun skeins and knitwear designs have taken top honors at both the New York and Maryland Sheep and Wool Festivals. She teaches spinning, knitting, felting and crochet in many outlets across the eastern seaboard, including a 13-year-long program at the library where she works. Marcia (who is “Undeniably Loopy!”) has been addicted to turning fluff into stuff ever since sneaking her 9-year-old daughter’s spindle and fiber after their first class together, two decades ago!

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